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At Crofts Veterinary Practice, we understand the importance behavioural medicine plays in the triad of healthcare and the implications behavioural issues can have on the patient and the owner. 

Our vet, Jade, has a keen interest in behavioural medicine and believes it plays an important part in the health and well-being of our patients. She is applying for a Master’s in Clinical Animal Behaviour, which will expand our range of services.  

Currently, we can see medical cases requiring behavioural and medical management. 

This includes: 

  • management of cases which require more time and an environment suitable for nervous animals,
  • assessment and advice on the management of behavioural cases, including fear-aggressive patients,
  • work alongside clinical animal behaviourists and help organise referrals to ABTC-registered behaviourists.
  • provide behavioural advice for new owners.

Pet Behaviour Consults  

At Crofts Veterinary Practice we can: 

  • complete behavioural assessments,  
  • refer to accredited behaviourists,  
  • work alongside accredited behaviourists to provide medications. 

Cases we can support with include: 

  • cystitis in cats
  • stressed cats, including multicat households, 
  • fireworks - cats and dogs, 
  • sound reactivity for dogs
  • rehomed/rescued patients
  • anxiety, separation anxiety
  • fear aggression
  • fear of being at the vet

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Download our Pet Behaviour Treatments Document here [PDF]