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Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care is vitally important for your pet. Unfortunately, dental disease is very common for dogs and cats. Taking preventative measures from an early age with guidance from your vet will help maintain good dental hygiene, ensuring you keep your pet pain-free.

Pet Neutering

Pet neutering is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthetic – with the central aim to prevent both male and female pets from reproducing. It is a very worthwhile procedure carried out regularly at the practice, with minimal risk. Neutering your pet is the responsible thing to do as an owner, as it has many health and behavioural benefits for your pet.

Pet Vaccinations

Pets should be vaccinated from an early age, as many animal infectious diseases still exist in the UK, which can in some cases also be transmitted to humans. Up to date pet vaccinations are the only way to be sure your pet is protected for life

Dog Vaccinations

Cat Vaccinations

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