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Comprehensive reptile care

Crofts Vets are pleased to offer a comprehensive service to all owners of reptiles at our sister practice Alder Veterinary Practice in Guildford.

At our Guildford practice we see tortoises, lizards and snakes on a daily basis. Most of these are pets but we can work with clients involved in captive breeding.

Ben, one of our vets, has a keen interest in reptiles. He is very willing to discuss the diet and complex husbandry requirements of reptiles with owners and to advise on hibernation requirements for those species that hibernate.

Ben conducts reptile anaesthetics on a regular basis. When required, most reptiles are good candidates for anaesthesia and surgery, unless they are very unwell. Please discuss any worries with ben directly.

We always try to keep reptiles away from predators (dogs, cats, birds and even other reptiles!) when they are admitted into the clinic and firmly believe in effective pain relief for any invasive procedure. We have no RCVS recognised specialists in reptile medicine/surgery. We are general practitioners with experience and a particular interest in reptile veterinary care. Some reptile cases are beyond our level of expertise and we will advise referral of these cases to a RCVS Specialist if appropriate. We advise an annual health check for all pet reptiles. Ben owns a horsefield tortoise called Winston, two greybanded king snakes, a ruthvens king snake and two royal pythons. Ben is the only vet with the experience to treat reptiles, so please make sure you ask for an appointment with Ben at the Guildford veterinary practice when you call.

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