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If you’re looking for vets near me, here at Crofts Vets, we can provide you with a caring and knowledgeable practice that can provide a range of services to your pet. When you’re in need of vets near me, our experienced team will ensure your pet receives the best possible care during their visit or stay with us, and our invaluable range of services means we can cater to almost any health condition and necessary medication your pet should have to guarantee they live a long and healthy life.


Why Choose Crofts Vets As A Vets Near Me

At Crofts Vets in Haslemere, Surrey, which opened more than 40 years ago, we always strive to provide your pet with the same standard of care that we would expect for our own animals. We want them to have fun or, at the very least, feel at ease while they are with us.

We are a well-equipped small animal veterinary practice that accepts referrals from all over the country and specialise in being somewhere you can trust when looking for vets near me. With our facility in Haslemere, Surrey, we have the ability to provide a wide range of services including emergency and round-the-clock care should you ever be in an unfortunate circumstance.

Our ability to care for a wide variety of animals and our Vets and Nurses' experience with a variety of illnesses and health conditions allow us to stand out as vets near me, should you find yourself in need of one.

Choose Crofts Vets in Guildford, Surrey for a specialised service if you're looking for vets near me


Importance Of Vets Near Me

Because prompt and appropriate medical care is crucial for your pet's health and well-being, it is necessary to have reputable vets near me. It's much simpler to arrange routine check-ups and preventive care appointments when a veterinarian is close by, making it easier to get your pet medical attention if they are sick or hurt.

Additionally, having a nearby vet who is knowledgeable about your pet's medical history might help in giving your pet the finest care available. Finding a veterinarian you can trust and feel at ease with is crucial since they will play a crucial role in your pet's wellbeing. We can assist with that if you're seeking reputable and skilled vets near me.


Specialised Services We Offer As Vets Near Me

As vets near me, there are many specialist services we can offer you. Some of these services include:


Flea and Worm Treatment: Throughout your pet's life, it is imperative that you regularly utilise effective, preventative therapies to ward off the most prevalent parasites for the long-term health and wellness of both your pet and your family.

Microchipping: A chip no larger than a rice grain that is placed under the skin of your pet's scruff serves as a permanent ID system for pets.

Dental Care: Your pet's dental health is absolutely crucial. Unfortunately, both dogs and cats are susceptible to tooth problems. With the advice of your veterinarian, you may start taking preventative measures at a young age to maintain proper dental hygiene and keep your pet's mouth pain-free.

Vaccinations: At Crofts Veterinary Practice in Surrey, we firmly believe that vaccines are a crucial component of both responsible pet ownership and the protection of your dogs from seriously deadly but preventable diseases.

Neutering: The main goal of pet neutering, a surgical treatment carried out under general anaesthesia, is to stop both male and female pets from reproducing.

Weight Management: You don't have to be concerned about weight management. We can offer guidance on how to approach your pet's obesity, and we'll be there for you every step of the way.

Senior Pets: You don't need to worry about managing your weight. We'll be there for you each step of the way, and we can provide advice on how to handle your pet's obesity.

Laparoscopic Surgery: We at Crofts Vets are happy to announce that we can now refer patients from other veterinary offices as well as perform this minimally invasive operation on our own pets.


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Looking For A Pet Health For Life Plan From A Vets Near Me?

If you're looking for vets near me who can provide you with a quick and simple plan that covers the services your pet may require throughout their lifespan, Crofts Vets is glad to introduce our preventative care Pet Health for Life plan.

By spreading the expense of your pet's preventative healthcare over the course of its lifetime, Pet Health for Life provides comprehensive care from our friendly Crofts Vets team and excellent value. For as low as £18 per month, enrol with us online today and unwind knowing that your pet's necessary treatments and healthcare is covered!

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