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Haslemere Vets - Crofts Veterinary Clinic in Surrey

Crofts Vets is a small animal veterinary clinic based in Haslemere providing the highest standard of veterinary care in a professional and friendly environment. Our clinical protocols are continuously updated to ensure that your pets are being cared for to the highest standards.

street view of crofts

Crofts Vets - The First Vet in Haslemere

Crofts Vets was the first veterinary practice in Haslemere. In the early 1920s, a young Dr. Rolston came down from London to Haslemere, to set up practice. He named it Crofts and he was the only Doctor in Haslemere for the next twenty years.

A hundred years later, the veterinary practice continues to cultivate its traditional ethos whilst driving innovation. We understand and value the relationship you have with your pets - our team are committed to delivering high-quality pet care with a friendly, personal touch.

We understand and value the relationship you have with your pets. The Crofts Vets team are committed to delivering high quality healthcare with a personal touch.

  • Crofts Veterinary Practice
  • Collards Lane (off Petworth Road)
  • Haslemere
  • Surrey
  • GU27 2HU
  • Telephone: 01428 653056