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  • Vets in Surrey | Vets Near Me | Crofts Veterinary Surgery
  • Vets in Surrey | Vets Near Me | Crofts Veterinary Surgery
  • Vets in Surrey | Vets Near Me | Crofts Veterinary Surgery
  • Vets in Surrey | Vets Near Me | Crofts Veterinary Surgery

Crofts Veterinary Surgery is a small animal veterinary clinic based in Haslemere, Surrey and provides the highest standard of veterinary care in a professional and friendly environment in the local area. 

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Our clinical protocols are continuously updated to ensure that your pets are being cared for to the highest standard here at Croft Vets in Haslemere, Surrey.

Crofts Veterinary Surgery was the first veterinary practice in Haslemere, Surrey, and was set up in the early 1920s, a young Dr. Rolston came down from London to Haslemere, to set up the practice. He named it Crofts Vets and he was the only Doctor in Haslemere for the next twenty years.

A hundred years later, Crofts Veterinary Surgery in Haslemere, Surrey continues to cultivate its traditional ethos whilst driving innovation. We understand and value the relationship you have with your pets - our team are committed to delivering high-quality pet care with a friendly, personal touch.

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Our staff participate in ongoing training, looking for ways to improve their service to you.

Clinical protocols are continuously updated to ensure your pets are being cared for to the highest standards.

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A cat scratching itself due to allergies at Crofts Vets.

Allergies in Cats | Crofts Vets

May 24th, 2024

Cats commonly experience four types of allergies: insects (fleas), food allergies, atopic dermatitis (triggered by house dust, pollen, and moulds) and contact allergies. While they exhibit shared physical expressions and signs, each allergy type also presents unique features. If you believe your cat is showing signs of an allergy, then speaking to a vet at Croft Vets to help you find a solution for making your cat more comfortable and improving their quality of life.

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A cat eating wet food at Crofts Vets

What’s Better for My Cat: Wet or Dry Food?

May 16th, 2024

A frequent question asked is whether cats should consume canned or dry food.

Fortunately, many commercial cat foods offer an excellent nutritional source, whether in the form of dry or wet cat food. However, hinges on various factors, including weight, health conditions and budget.

Deciding whether to opt for dry, canned or a combination of both is a choice you and your vet or nurse can collaboratively make to ensure the optimal health of your cat. Here's some advice on the comparison between wet and dry cat food.

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A new pet being welcomed into a family with children, Crofts Vets.

Introducing Pets to Children

May 6th, 2024

Children and pets can form wonderful bonds and many parents aspire for their children to grow up alongside furry companions. When introducing them for the first time, it's essential to establish a safe and comfortable environment where children and pets can begin to familiarise themselves with each other. Having pets is a great way of introducing responsibility in the home for your children. Establishing household guidelines for children (and sometimes adults) can aid in their learning and comprehension of what is expected in terms of caring for their new furry family member.

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