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If you require Emergency Vets in Surrey, Crofts Vets has the skills and experience to support you through these difficult times. When our pets become unwell, it can be the worst moment of our lives since they are more than simply creatures to us; they are family. Knowing whom to call and where to go in an emergency is essential to giving your pet timely aid. As a result, if your pet needs an emergency vet in Surrey, Crofts Vets in Haslemere offers care at Milford Veterinary Hospital.



Why Choose Crofts Vets as Emergency Vets in Surrey?

As one of the leading emergency vets in Surrey, we at Crofts Vets always give our four-legged pals the best care possible. Our team of highly skilled veterinarians is the best choice for your emergency scenario because they have more than ten years of expertise delivering emergency and critical care.

We are a well-equipped small animal veterinary practice with an Emergency Vets in Surrey clinic. We accept referrals from across the country and specialise in offering thorough care and post-treatment to all pets, large and small, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.


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Importance Of Emergency Vets in Surrey

Our team at Crofts Vets is equipped to handle a variety of medical situations, including wounds, poisoning, allergic reactions, and other serious illnesses should you be in need of a professional emergency vet in Surrey. When a pet is in need of urgent care, we are available around-the-clock at our partner veterinary hospital, Milford Veterinary Hospital. They have the tools and resources needed to identify and handle a variety of diseases.

Should your pet be in need of emergency treatment, call us immediately below.

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How We Can Help At Crofts Vets

It is crucial for local pet owners to have access to Emergency Vets in Surrey because it enables them to provide their animals with the prompt medical attention they require. When time is of the essence, such as when a pet has been hurt in an accident or is having a severe allergic response, this might be very crucial.

Our Emergency Vets in Surrey can treat urgent medical issues while also advising pet owners on how to best care for their animals at home. This advice includes directions for giving medications and keeping an eye on the health of the animal. If the condition of the pet calls for further specialised care, they can also make referrals to specialists or other vets.

Your pet will receive frequent checks throughout the night when you choose us as your emergency vet in Surrey to ensure that any changes are noted and any required medications are administered. You can be sure your pet is receiving the best care possible thanks to our thorough training in emergency, trauma-based, and critical care standards.


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What To Do In An Emergency

In regards to any urgent difficulties with your pet, it is always preferable to seek professional guidance from our Emergency Vets in Surrey. Calling 01428 653 056 will allow you to speak with a member of our team who can advise you on whether or not your pet is experiencing an emergency or if their symptoms or behaviour are normal.

To make sure your pet isn't in distress or danger for any longer than necessary, we would always advise seeking a professional opinion.



Other Services We Provide at Crofts Vets

Alongside our Emergency vets in Surrey service, we also provide a variety of alternative services at a leading facility in Haslemere, Surrey, should you be looking for a reliable and trustworthy vet.

Our leading services include:


Among these traditional services, we also offer specialised treatments such as


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