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If you're seeking cat neutering near me, look no further than Crofts Vets in Haslemere, Surrey. We are a specialised Haslemere veterinary clinic that provides the best care for your cherished pets every day of the week. We commit to treating our cats with care, love, and trust since we recognise that they are a part of our family. Additionally, we ensure that our veterinarians and nurses are well-trained and conversant in the latest scientific and technological advancements in medicine.

Finding a local veterinarian for cat neutering near me to keep your cat safe is essential. Contact Crofts Vets as soon as possible.


What Is Cat Neutering?

The surgical practice of pet neutering prohibits both male and female animals from reproducing while under general anaesthesia. At our facility, the process is carried out regularly and risk-free. As a responsible pet owner, you should research cat neutering near me because it will enhance your cat's health and behaviour.

You and your cat can benefit from ‘cat neutering near me’ and you can keep your cat happy and healthy. It is possible to start neutering your pet as early as six months, but your veterinarian will go over your options once they have determined the breed and adult weight of your pet.

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When Should Your Cat Be Neutered?

In order to prevent unintended pregnancies, it is imperative that you look for cat neutering near me. Cats normally reach sexual maturity at around five months of age. Tomcats will start to notice your cat and desire to mate with her when she is about four months old. To prevent her from becoming pregnant while still a kitten, it's imperative to locate a nearby clinic for neutering and get her spayed.

Female cats should be spayed or neutered about four months of age after they have received their first round of vaccinations, whereas male cats will need to have a procedure known as the snip, which will prevent them from spraying. Once your kitten has been neutered, it will be able to perform all cat-wanted behaviours, such as going outside, climbing trees, and playing.


Why You Should Get Your Cat Neutered

Having your cat spayed has a lot of benefits, thus selecting Crofts Vets in Haslemere, Surrey, for cat neutering near me can have a lot of perks, such as:

For Male cats:

  • After neutering them, they are less likely to contract the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), a lethal disease that affects both cats and people and is spread by saliva from bite wounds during fights.
  • Neutered cats are less inclined to roam and fight, which lowers their risk of going missing, being hit by cars, or getting hurt.
  • Unneutered cats kept inside can become frustrated and try to escape via any opening, including the window on the top floor.

 For Female cats:

  • If performed early in life, spaying cats greatly reduces their risk of womb infections and breast cancer (called pyometra). These two have the potential to be fatal. 
  • During pregnancy and delivery, cats face significant risks.


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Crofts Vets Are An ISFM Silver Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic

Cats hold a special place in our hearts here at Crofts Vets, and this is evident in our silver-level Cat Friendly Clinic certification. When you choose our facility for cat neutering near me, we can provide measures to reduce the stress of your cat's visit to Crofts Vets by offering a sympathetic and empathetic care service. Cats are naturally sensitive to environmental changes.

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