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Look no further than Crofts Vets if you're in need of Dog Neutering ‘near me.’ We are a dedicated vet practice in Haslemere, Surrey that treats your furry friends every day of the week with the finest standard of care. As we are aware that our dogs are members of our family, we promise to treat them with care, love, and trust. We also make sure that our veterinarians and nurses are well-qualified and knowledgeable about the most recent medical developments and technologies.

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Dog Neutering At Crofts Vets

Under general anaesthetic, the surgical procedure of pet neutering prevents both male and female animals from procreating. The procedure is regular, risk-free, and routinely performed at our veterinary facility. You should invest in appropriate Dog Neutering ‘near me’ as a responsible pet owner because it will improve your dog's health and conduct.

Neutering can help both you and your dog and can help you keep your dog happy and healthy. Beginning neutering as early as six months is possible, but your vet will go over your options after determining the breed and adult weight of your pet. In some situations, we might advise you to wait until your dog is a little older.

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The Importance Of Dog Neutering Near Me

Having your dog neutered has a lot of advantages. These consist of:

  • Lower risk of cancer: Naturally, neutered dogs have zero danger of developing testicular or ovarian cancer. But did you know that spaying young female dogs also dramatically reduces the likelihood that they may get mammary (breast) cancer?
  • Reduces the possibility of uterine infection A pyometra, or infection of the womb, is a serious worry for female dogs. The majority of cases require surgical treatment since the infection might be fatal. After being spayed, your dog will no longer be in danger of developing a pyometra.
  • Castration significantly reduces a man's risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Dog Neutering reduces a dog's urge to roam, which can lead to accidents and incidents on the road, especially in male canines. You can control this need to defend your dog.
  • Prevents the likelihood of unwanted puppies: This is important not only because puppies put your dog at risk and can be expensive, but also because pregnancy puts your dog at risk.

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When Can Your Dog Be Neutered?

Beginning neutering as early as six months is possible, but if you choose Crofts Vets for Dog Neutering near you, our vets will go over your options after determining the breed and adult weight of your pet.

Sometimes veterinarians advise against neutering a bitch until after her first breeding season. Some testosterone-driven behaviour can become learned, more difficult-to-get-rid-of tendencies by delaying neutering. After the third mating season, the protective effect against mammary (breast) cancers is also diminished in neutered female dogs.


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We are a small animal veterinary practice in Haslemere that specialises in giving your dog the best treatment possible. Our clinic is professional and welcoming and we offer the full spectrum of in-house surgery without the need for referral to outside speciality centers. Your pet heals faster as a result, and you both feel much less stress! Diagnostic imaging, digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound, and cutting-edge on-site blood analysis are just a few of the state-of-the-art tools we have on hand, alongside Dog Neutering near you.


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