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At Croft Vets in Haslemere, we understand that cats and kittens are not just another pet, they are a cherished part of your family. This is why we are committed to ensuring they receive the best care both from us in clinic, and at home with their families.

As part of owning a pet, their health and well-being should be checked regularly with your local vet to ensure that they are doing well and haven’t got any health concerns. As part of this care, microchipping for cats is vital.

What is Microchipping for Cats

Microchipping for cats is very much the same as for dogs. It is a simple and safe procedure that inserts a microchip underneath the cat’s skin, typically between their shoulder blades. This microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice and causes them no pain.

Each microchip contains a unique identification number that is registered and assigned to your pet in the national database. Should your cat ever wander away from home, they can then be scanned by any vet or animal shelter and reunited with their rightful owners safely.

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Why Is Microchipping Your Cat Important?

Once you have microchipped your cat, this is one of the most effective ways to ensure that they are returned safely to you if they wander too far from home. Unlike a collar or a tag that can be removed or fall off easily, microchips provide a permanent form of identification that can’t be lost or messed with. This means that even if your cat is lost or stolen, they can be found and reunited with you quickly and easily.

This is a small investment that can have positive results for you and your cat or kitten. Book your cat microchipping appointment today with Crofts Vets.

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What Does the Law Say About Microchipping Your Cat?

As of 10th June 2024, microchipping your cat will become part of legislation in the UK. This means that every kitten from 8 weeks old will need to be microchipped; should you not have a microchipped cat, you can face legal repercussions, similar, to dog owners who fail to comply with UK law.

Microchipping your cats and kittens is not merely about complying with legalisation, it is about being a responsible pet owner and giving your pet the best chance of coming home should they get lost.

If you have a new kitten or cat that is not yet microchipped, register your cat with us today and book them in for their microchip today.

Microchipping Cats Legislation

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Our Microchipping Services

At Crofts Vets, we offer microchipping for cats of all ages from 8 weeks and above. Our experienced veterinary professionals will ensure that the microchipping process if quick and painless for your cat, reducing stress as much as possible.

Crofts Pet Services

We also offer a comprehensive range of services for your cats that ensure their health and well-being are maintained throughout their lives. Our services include:

If your pet is not yet registered with us, you can register online today and book your first appointment with us.

Affordable Pet Care

Owning a pet can be expensive, particularly if they need more care than others. At Crofts Vets, we understand this which is why we offer our Pet Health for Life Plans for cats & dogs to ensure that their health is regularly checked year-round. To find out more about our plans, see here and sign your pet up today!

Learn more about Cat Pet Health for Life plans          Learn more about Dog Pet Health for Life plans

Our plans include a wide range of services, including microchipping, and help you keep your vet costs affordable throughout the year

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Contact Crofts Vets Today for Microchipping Your Cat

We know that cats can be very anxious when it comes to veterinary visits; as a Silver-level Cat Friendly Clinic, we do everything we can to keep your cat calm during their visit with us. This helps them receive the care they need and gives you peace of mind that they are in the best hands.

Don’t find yourself stuck facing legal fines or not being able to find your beloved cat; make sure you book an appointment for microchipping your cat today.

We look forward to seeing you and your cat in the clinic soon!

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