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Whether your pet needs a routine check-up or specialised treatment, Croft Vets are here to help. Our experienced veterinarians prioritise the health and happiness of your pets, ensuring each vet appointment is met with personalised care and compassion.

What sets us apart is not just our medical expertise but also our genuine love for animals.  Recognising the importance of the role pets play in your life, we endeavor to establish a warm and calming atmosphere for both pets and their owners. By selecting Croft Vets for your vet appointment, you’re choosing a team that cares and values the bond you share with your pet.


Vet appointment at Croft vet with one of our experts vets reassuring pet owner

Our Services

When you choose Croft vets for your next vet appointment, you’re choosing a partner in your pet’s health journey - a dedicated team committed to securing your pet’s health, happiness, and well-being. We provide a diverse range of services, including:

Regular Health Check-ups: Routine check-ups are the foundations of preventative are. Our skilled veterinarians perform comprehensive examinations to oversee your pet’s general well-being, tackle any worries, and ensure early identification of possible problems.

Microchipping: Ensure your pet’s safety with microchipping our microchipping services. This permanent identification method can assist in reuniting lost pets with their owners. Booking a vet appointment for a microchip is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership.

Vaccinations: Protect your pet against preventable diseases with our vaccination services. We provide customised vaccination plans tailored to your pet’s age, lifestyle, and health status.

Neutering: Neutering is a surgical procedure conducted under general anaesthesia to remove part of all of an animal's reproductive organs, thereby preventing reproduction, Neutering can significantly contribute to ensuring a pet leads a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Dental Care: Maintaining your pet’s dental health is crucial for their overall well-being. Croft Vets provides thorough dental services to ensure your pet’s mouth remains pain-free and healthy.


Specialised Services

At Croft Vets, we offer a wide range of specialist services that enhance the quality of care we can give to you and your pets. These services include:


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Emergency Vet Appointment

At Croft Vets, we understand that emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer prompt and reliable emergency vet appointment services. Our dedicated team is available around the clock to provide urgent medical care for your pets when they need it most. Whether it’s a sudden illness, injury, or unexpected health issue, you can count on us to be there for you and your pet, offering expert care and support in times of crisis. Trust Croft Vets to prioritise the health and well-being of your furry family members, no matter the hour.

In an emergency, try not to panic. Phone us on 01428653056. It is important to phone ahead to ensure we are ready for your arrival.


Why Choose Croft Vet For Your Next Vet Appointment?

Choosing Croft Vets for your next vet appointment is a decision rooted in a commitment to excellence, compassion, and comprehensive pet care. Here’s why you should trust Croft Vets with your pet’s health:

Experienced and Compassionate Team: Croft Vets boasts a team of experienced and compassionate veterinarians, nurses, and staff who prioritise the well-being of your pets. Their expertise ensures that your furry companies receive the highest standard of care during their vet appointment.

Comprehensive Services: Croft Vets offers a comprehensive range of services, including routine check-ups vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, dental care, and more. This ensures that all aspects of your pet's health care are covered.

Personalised Care: We understand that every pet is unique.  Our approach means we tailor every single vet appointment to meet the specific needs of your pet. This ensures a thorough and individualised care plan, bespoke to your pet and health requirements.

Trusted Reputation: Croft Vets has earned a trusted reputation for delivering exceptional veterinary care. Our satisfied clients demonstrate our dedication to professionalism and the positive impact we’ve had on pet’s lives.

Educating Owners: We believe in empowering pet owners with knowledge. Croft Vets not only treats your pets but also provides valuable education and guidance on proper pet care.


How To Book A Vet Appointment

Booking a vet appointment with Croft Vets is simple and convenient. Our online booking system enables you to book an appointment with ease. You can select the branch you wish to visit and see all the available dates and times to suit your requirements. Upon booking an appointment, you'll receive a confirmation email and a text reminder before your appointment. If you have any questions, please contact our team.